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To promote work place safety, create a professional appearance, and a positive working environment here at UNC Health Care the following consideration for others should govern the appearance of all employees, contract employees, residents, volunteers, students, Medical Staff of UNC Hospitals, School of Medicine, and research personnel utilizing UNC Health Care facilities. Neatness and cleanliness are evidence of concern for our patients, their families the public, and each other.
Personal neatness and appropriate attire provide an atmosphere of professionalism and inspire confidence in our ability to deliver services.
The provisions of this policy apply to all personnel operating in UNC Health Care. Employees arriving at work and clocking in must present themselves in accordance with the Professional
Business Attire Policy. Department policies may specify additional requirements as appropriate for employee and patient safety.
All employees, staff members, volunteers, and visitors while on UNC Health Care premises, shall be required to wear appropriate identification as defined in the "Identification of
Employees, Staff Members, Patients and Visitors" Policy in UNC Health Care Policy Manual.
An employee's name and picture must be visible at all times.
Department managers may require staff to wear uniforms as appropriate for the department, position, or work duties. Employees for whom uniforms are required for the job must wear the appropriate uniform. Uniform short pants and uniform hats may be appropriate if part of a department’s overall approved uniform. Alterations to the uniform or alternatives to uniforms are allowed only if prior approval has been obtained from a Department Head and if the intent of this policy, as stated above, is not violated.
Scrub Suits
A scrub suit is defined as a hospital provided, hospital laundered top and bottom apparel that is worn in specific departments of the hospital as prescribed by Infection Control. It is to be worn as a set of jade green shirt and pant as specified by the relevant departmental policy. Scrub suits,

masks, shoe covers, and gloves should be worn only in areas designated by relevant departmental policies and only by those designated to wear them as part of their personal protective equipment. These items are not to be removed from the hospital.
Non-Uniform Clothing
Clothing should fit properly, be clean, pressed, and in good condition.
The following is a list of attire that is inappropriate attire in the workplace at UNC Health Care:
1. Clothing that is non-professional in appearance, length, and fit of clothing, such as: o Backless dresses or tops o Skirts above the knee or with high slits o Pants shorter than mid-calf o Clothing that is excessively tight or revealing
2. Casual beach or athletic wear (such as sweat pants, stretch pants/warm up pants, and tights or leggings worn as pants)
3. T-shirts with logos unless the logo identifies UNC Health Care or units within UNC
Health Care
4. Shirts with revealing necklines, bare midriff tops, and clothing bearing any type of unauthorized message, including but not limited to offensive messages, or offensive images 5. Spaghetti strap blouses, unless worn with a jacket
6. Denim unless part of an approved uniform component
7. Shorts or skorts (or similar attire) unless a part of an approved uniform
8. Hats unless part of an approved uniform
As required by the Occupational Safety and Health Act, UNC Health Care shall provide appropriate personal protective equipment for employees who perform hazardous work. The equipment will protect the face, eyes, head, and extremities. The Infection Control policies and the Employee Handbook must be used to guide departmental dress requirements where