Health Care Administration Essay

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Health Care Administration

Health care administrators have wide-ranging influence within the world of medicine. The leadership that these professionals provide sets the future course not only for the facilities they manage but also for the health care system as a whole.
A health care administrator is responsible for establishing health care standards, making strategic policy decisions and implementing the personnel management procedures necessary to support his/her vision. In addition to the internal leadership they provide, health care administrators are leaders within the greater community as well. They partner with other health care organizations, comply with government regulations, advocate and testify on behalf of health care
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Healthcare Administrators must be adept at adjusting to new developments in health care law, technology and policies. They need to be flexible, creative, analytical and organized in putting policy changes into practice. Healthcare Administrators must be able to effectively communicate with people at all professional levels, specialties and roles. Part of doing this well is keeping abreast of what goes on in their department or facility, and knowing details of all employees’ daily responsibilities. Because they are leaders and often operate as the face of their organization, health care administrators must always maintain professionalism in demeanor and appearance. Health care Administrators require a specific skill set related to organizational abilities, interpersonal communication, and critical thinking. To be able to effectively utilize your degree in healthcare administration, it is helpful to have the following traits: (Healthcare Administration, 2012) (Lindsey 2012) * Organizational skills, since you will have to juggle many different responsibilities while keeping tabs on everything. * Excellent people skills, which involve communicating both verbally and in writing as well as being a good listener * An analytical mind, or the ability to analyze complex data and situations and make good decisions based on your assessment * Skilled delegation, so as to properly assess the abilities of your employees, designate tasks, and