Essay on Health Care and Ethical Considerations

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Ethical Considerations:- Ethical considerations for each and every client.

*Having empathy on someone, placing yourself in someone else’s shoes in order to understand your client’s feelings. Empathising with someone means your acknowledging your client’s feelings as an individual.


*Being honest to your client is important so that they know they are able to trust you with their private or confidential information. Your client needs to be told the truth as you lying to them can affect them in negative ways.

Adherence to codes of practice & policies:

*Adherence to codes of practice and policies means obeying work place’s codes of practice and policies. It is vital that you obey the rules and regulations in the healthcare workplace as it can be taken as offence. Ignorance of the rules and regulations set may be unsafe/hazardous for other staff members or even clients therefore adherence to codes of practice and policies is an important issue which must be obeyed.

Social Justice:

*Social justice is a value which promotes equality and fairness for everyone in the precaution society. In a health and social care workplace the healthcare professional must treat the client equally and fairly by acknowledging the client’s needs and also their situation. Knocking before entering a room or closing the door as you leave a room are simple values that healthcare professionals can take note of. This demonstrates respect and equality towards the client.

Person- centre approach:

Regina Baine’s care needs:-
Each and every client requires different individual care for their care needs, it is important that a HSC professional is aware of the issues their client has and the care needs…