Essay on Health Care and New Software

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Concerns and Workarounds with a clinical documentation system
Virginia Okougbo

The typical information technology implementation process means the new system was implemented as an initial step and then slowly fixing issues as they arise. This process can be broken down into four steps. Assess current development software in place for the organization, plan implementation to either improve or create new software, apply or implement the new software to the organization, and Evaluate outcome of the new software.
According to chapter 8 of textbook, “ Implementing a new technology system in a health care organization requires a significant amount of planning and preparation”. The case study on Concerns and Workfloarouns with a clinical documentation systm, failed in analyzing workflow and performance before implementing the new system, failed in proper staff training in providing understandable data.
The new system also failed in providing adequate flow sheets, lack of clear understanding of what is been documented, lack of standardized guideline, wrong workflow, lack adequate staff training, unable to retrieve patient data timely.
In eliminating the workflow issues, the organization should have done a mini trial on the best location to place the system to enhance productivity in the organization. Staff members should have gone on an intensive training section on, how to use the system efficiently and given the opportunities to ask questions regarding their different department. According to an article on Implementing a process in an organization, The use of a new process, new tools, and possibly new technology in a software project makes the project's schedule more volatile. Be sure to allocate time and resources to implement the process, train people, and so on during the iteration in the