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1. This article explores the factors that impact beliefs and attitudes concerning tissue and organ donation among health science college students, it would also determine whether educational sessions do lead to awareness; therefore increasing and impacting their beliefs and attitudes towards organ and tissue donation. Tissue and organ donation are essential in my practice because there is a definite need to increase the donation of organs and tissues from living and deceased donors; therefore, nurses can play an active, integral part increasing the donation rate by helping to increase awareness about the need for organ and tissue donations among colleagues, friends and family.

2. It is a peer-reviewed article because of the steps that were taken to search for the article. I went to the University of Phoenix Library Database and selected to search for a scholarly (peer reviewed) article in the general resources. This article was located in Proquest, also scholarly article or peer review journals are written by experts and are reviewed by several other experts in the field before the article is published in the journal in order to insure the article's quality. In most cases the reviewers do not know who the author of the article is, so that the article succeeds or fails on its own merit, not the reputation of the expert.
The credentials of the authors are indicated in this article, i.e., Margot Rykhoff RN, BScN, MA, she works in the Humber Institute of Technology in Toronto Canada. The article also has an abstract giving the summary of the scholarly article.

3. The researcher’s investigation is guided by three main questions:
*What is the knowledge of college students about organ donation?
*What are the attitudes of college students toward organ donation?
* What is the effect of an awareness session and an audiovisual aid on the knowledge and attitudes of college students toward organ donation?

4. The hypothesis is that knowledge, attitude and awareness on organ and tissue donation increase after intervention. The variables include knowledge, which involves organ donation awareness, living organ donation, whether they know a person who has ever received organ donation, discussions held with family members. Another variable is the attitude students have towards organ donation; this can be strongly agreed and disagreed. Their attitudes are categorized as towards donating their own organs, donate organs of their love ones, receive organs when needed and willingness to discuss organ donation with family members.

5. The Population Health Promotion Model (PHPM) is a conceptual framework that guides nurses to improve the health of the population by taking actions at various levels in society. The model's components are as follows: the determinants of health- factors that influence health; the Ottawa Charter on Health Promotion -5 strategies for health promotion; the various levels of society where action is directed; and the integration of evidence-based practice decision making.16
On the basis of the PHPM, education was identified as the main determinant of health that influences decisions on