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Tamara Momplaisir
Week 1
Assignment 1
1. Summarize the key points of your company’s strategy.

Percepta, which operates as the contact center for a major automobile manufacturer. Percepta’s main objective as quoted from their website “Percepta's mission is to design and deliver high value business solutions that create and sustain customer loyalty for our clients.” There have been many complaints from employees that at the cost of client satisfaction, employee satisfaction my become lost in the wind. In regards to prominence, total compensation does not seem up be high up There are various departments and obviously a great variation within positions. As Percepta is located within an area where there are numerous contact centers, their compensation package remains lucrative as one of their main objectives is to not only retain their employees but to also attract top employees from other companies. Incentives did not vary much between management level employees to base/entry levels much. Seniority allotted more of a variation in areas such as paid time off. There was a great variance for obvious reasons between base employees and employees in management level in base pay. Percepta lacks opportunities for growth as it does not appear the company hires for management position from within. In regards, to employee contributions, Percepta offers performance based incentives which employees are eligible for monthly based of a set criteria. Depending on what department you speak to, incentives may or may not be impossible to attain.

2. What are the key differences compared to the strategies of Microsoft and SAS?

It would appear in regards to both companies, Percepta aligns with one or the other. Their total compensation seems to line with SAS as it is