Essay about Health Care Costs Rising

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Health Care Costs On the Rise
February 21, 2014
Dr. Evelyn Hoover On an average, 2.7 trillion dollars is spent on health care annually while about 800 billion dollars of it goes to waste all for nothing. When paying for health care, are we really getting what we are paying for? The rising health care costs are affecting many different people including; families, small businesses, as well as local, state, and federal governments. For families it makes them have to cut back on spending money on their food supplies as well as their miscellaneous spending when having to pay for expensive and rising health care plans. It affects many small businesses simply because they have to limit the number of employees they hire. The increasing cost of health care benefits for the employees and their families is costing more for small businesses than the norm. There are many various reasons for health care being expensive as well as on the rise at a fast pace, some of those reasons being that people are paying for the volume of health care and not the value of the plan (Center of Disease Control, 2013). Another key reason why health care is on the raise is because most of the money goes towards the making of new technology and treatments without the confirmation of the treatments being effective. Every year there is an average of seven out of ten deaths resulting from various heart

Health Care Costs On the Rise diseases, different types of cancers, strokes, and