Health Care Crisis In America

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3. Part 1) What is the health care crisis? Part 2) Explain the reasons why some support universal health care and others oppose it.

The health care crisis in America is the lack of reasonable medical coverage for middle to lower class families. The crisis seems to be that common people simply aren't protected for a medical disaster, and then fall into an incredible amount of debt when something goes wrong.Moreover, if someone develops a long-term illness, and also happens to be self insured or uninsured are plummeted into bankruptcy. Consequently the unpaid pills are then given to the taxpayers via Medicare.
The United States is the only developed country in that globe that does not provide universal health care to its citizens. People
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One large reason for the high cost of the healthcare system is the amount of overcharging that occurs. Although it is deemed legal by congress, there are often many hidden fees or administrative charges that result in a hefty hospital bill. Administravitve fees are according to are “one quarter of healthcare cost, which is far higher than in any other country”. What exactly is deemed an administrative fee? This is the question that infuriates the citizens of America. An administra fee can is completely subjective to anybody in the medical business. The medical bills are an accumulation of imposed prices, that are expensive because of the hospital's high administrative costs. Compared to Canada, England or France, the United states government simply does not provide adequate funding for hospitals. therefore they must generate their own operating …show more content…
An advance directive is a way to guide medical decision making while still living. There are regulations in place when creating advance directives to safeguard the life changing decision. For example, you can not create an advance directive if you have a medical condition that impairs judgment. This regulation is important because you are essentially giving your life’s values or savings to someone/something and if you are not legally capable to make this decision, it would be immoral and unfair to carry out the advance