An Analysis Of Everyday Paintings

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Paula Samuels
Art Appreciation 1301
Professor Conners
Everyday Paintings People can view artwork in many different perspectives. Most artist usually tell stories. Alot of artwork is about remembering ; flashbacks from the past or inspiring events that have occurred. Things that amazed me about Mr. Reed's artwork are the fabric, the color, and the techniques he used. The fabric Mr. Reed used was very distinctive. Each fabric piece , in each artwork was complementing patterns and colors to create an eye-catching image. How does the fabric fit together? What are the patterns like? Are questions that were going through my head while observing his artwork. For Example , Sleep Tight Mr. Reed used dark fabric to elaborate how dark and scary living in his aunt's/uncle's house was. The focal point in the painting was the bed. The different fabrics around the bed reminded me of dark clouds passing by over my head. Yet , still very distinctive. The colors Mr. Reed's artwork was very complementary. He really thought out the colors. How they complement each other? How it would set the mood of the paintings? In the painting , Daddy's Little Tooth the colors are beyond amazing in my eyes. The colors complement each other very well because the yellow and green complementary colors. Color attracts our attention and excites our emotion. The techniques that Mr. Reed uses are very detailed ; meaning lots of layers of small marks makes a big picture , with lots of small