Health Care Frontiers Essay

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Health Care Frontiers

Science and technology is enhancing us as human beings. Humankind is taking the control of a new and unbelievable power. This enhancement is taking us beyond the morals, ethnics, and religious maps brought to us by earlier generations. The digitization of people is creating a new capability to change the being in human being. In other words, it is changing who we are, what we know, how we communicate, what we do, how we do things, how we see and even how we comprehend things. Al Gore talks about the reinvention of life and death. This is new ideas and issues that are going on in today’s society that is going to somehow in some way affect Americans and their ways of doing things in the near future.
“People want children and no one wants anyone to tell them they can’t have them.” That is the statement that bioethicist Debra Matthews made when they came up with the breakthrough to change the ethnics of fertility. England was where this procedure was first introduced and the first baby was called a test tube baby. Many bioethicists feared that this would tear the parental love and the generational love apart. But it was realized and understood that there was joy brought to parents that always dreamed of having a baby that they finally got that opportunity. Cloning of livestock, commercialization of surrogate mothers, and heart transplants all caused some type of controversy with short half-lives. This new fertility option generates controversies that do not fade as fast as the others. These decisions are left up to the parents. When parents are the ones making these decisions on something so cautious like this, there are different approaches as to how to procedure and standard is understood.
One procedure is the contraception of the embryo. This is the use of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis to select what is they called a “savior sibling.” This is who can act as an organ, tissue, bone marrow, or cell donor for his or her brother or sister. With this and the parents love for their children, the parents made sure that they provided the best medical care for the first child so that the second child will have and receive the proper assistance from the first child as needed.
The Indian government enforced the prohibition against sex selection of the child. In India, it is common that if the family already has a girl, their next child they have, they are striving to have a girl. In most cases, if they don’t have a girl, majority of the time, after they find out what they are having, they have an abortion because that is not the sex of the child that they wanted. But sex-selective abortions are illegal in India. Because they are, proposed bans on ultrasounds machines have not gained support.
This breakthrough allows DNA testing to be taken while the female is still pregnant. Doing it this way, there is a 95 percent chance that the results could be accurate. In 2012, some researchers said that the procedure is expensive but the cost is dropping significantly and is going to continue to drop.
One challenge with these procedures that Gore is explaining are the questions that arise about the implantation of embryos. An embryo has to be monitored every five minutes and has to be in a healthy state in order to be selected for implantation. Over time, if they are not used, embryos that have been selected that have been frozen has to be discarded. Because of this, another issue on abortion came up. An embryo marks the beginning of human life. But as stated, the difference between a fetus and an embryo is that it separates the choice that a female can make if she wants to have an abortion. Only she can make that decision. In almost every country, the government does not have to right to require or deny the right of any female to have or not have an abortion.
In Japan, some scientists found out how to successfully use embryotic mouse stem cells and produce sperm. This was tested on mice that were found