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Health Information Technician
For my entire life, my grandfather has been the closest person to me since my parents were too busy with their work. They have to go abroad very often due to the need of their business. For that reason, my grandfather is the only one who has been taking care of every single thing for me since I was born. He was always by my side and watched me grow up day by day. When I was in sixth grade, my grandfather started to ask me what I wanted to do when I grow up. Since the very first moment, my answer to him was that I wanted to work in a health care industry. Moreover, without him saying anything, I know that he wants me to work in health care environment. The reason is that he has been working in the hospital for his whole life as a surgeon, specializing in cardiac surgery. Another reason is that he is the one who knows exactly what I am good at.

Once, he told me that I was so into computer and machinery when I was a little girl. I have to say that he was correct. As I grow older, I still prefer to do all my work on a computer. For me, working on a computer helps me to do the work faster. I would rather spend 15 to 30 minutes to type down all my work than spend hours to write them down on paper. My 30 minutes of looking up some information online can compare to a whole day of spending on reading books and finding the exact same information. In addition, it would also lessen the chance of making any mistakes. For me, paper work can be easily got lost and misplaced. However, I could easily save all my work to the computer and therefore I can retrieve that work anytime I want to. I want everything to be organized and systematic. Until now, my desire to work in health care industry has not changed. Moreover, my dream career has become even more specific. I want to become a health information technician as it involves my strong side- computers and advanced technologies.

A few years later, my grandfather showed me his own experience at work. I had a chance to come to his office every day in the summer to watch him carrying out his work as a surgeon. As I remembered, there were many people who visited my grandfather for a check-up. They need to check everything such as their height and weight, blood pressure, lungs, heart rate and many other things. Before all of these things happen, he has to review all of his patients’ medical records. This way would help him to determine the health changes of his patients whether the patient's health condition is improved or worsen. Medical records included all the information of the patients who have visited the hospital include the symptoms, health test results, gender, age, and history of all the treatments. The job of health information technician is to gather and organize all these information. My grandfather had a friend, who I called Uncle D, to help him with that. As a health information technician, uncle D always makes sure all the records are correct and accurate. He told me that if I want to work in this field, errors should not occur in any circumstances. When the records are organized, he then put all the information of the patient into a computer database. Next, he would use a computer program to transfer all the patients’ information to a group called Diagnosis Related Groups. After that, the group will determine how much money the hospital is going to receive from the insurance company. Overall, health information technicians would help doctors in maintaining patients’ medical records and also processing bills.

My grandfather was the best doctor I have ever known in my life. Everyone has so much respect toward him. He was one of the best surgeons in the hospital. Most of his time was spending in the operating room. Sometimes, one operation could last for hours. Every time like that, I could tell the fatigue on his face. However, he always told me that as long as he could help his patient to feel better then he will be happy, no matter how