Health Care Office Solutions, Inc (Hcos) Essay

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Q1: Examine the company current strategies.
The first current strategies that the Health Care Office Solutions, Inc (HCOS) is using is the niche (or focus) strategy by the Porter’s Typology. According to the Mark W. Johnson and Greg W. Marshall (2011), the service of particular target market, with each functional policy developed with this target market in mind. HCOS changed their name from the Printing Solution Incorporated to the Health Care Office Solutions, Inc (HCOS) because they realized that many of their best clients were doctors’ offices. In the 1985, HCOS decided to focus exclusively on the health companies specifically the doctors’ offices and small clinics. According to the sales force implications stated by the Porter’s
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This is because how they manage this problem will represent how they company value their customer with listen and settle their customer complain. Secondly how sale representative convince customer to gain their trust and from their complain change to customer satisfying with the product and service. The problem occurs when customer difficult to convince. They will keep created an issue and this contributes to sale representative problem to sale the product in the same time it will influence sale performance. Beside that sale representative have to face different types of customer to sell the entire product, they have to be careful with customer feeling event sometimes customer not necessary rite but because as sale representative they have to convince about an issue or problem that customer face. Last but not least as sale representative how do they can full fill customer demand in return customer will buy and use their product or service. With different demand and behavior how sale representative manage to sell the product. Because in the end of this problem sale representative have to sale the product to increase their sale performance. As conclusion sale representative is one of company bone because sale representative who will face customer needs, demand and complain. Sale representative not just sale the