Health Care Reform Essay

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Health Care Reform
Sharee Allen
HCS/ 235
March 5, 2013
University of Phoenix

Health Care Reform

Health care has changed on every level, since the beginning in which, started from most patients being treated in their homes before the 1920s. But then something happened; doctors started to learn more about diseases and how to treat them, and so doctors started to charge more for their serves (“Stay Smart Stay Healthy,” 2013). It is happening today, where medicine is evolving and the cost for health services is increasing. The issues with health care has gotten to the point where middle class citizens are finding it hard to afford health care, and the unemployed are not getting proper health care treatment due to lack of income and resources. Most people are crying out for health care reform, because something needs to be done about the health care system in the United States.
According to “ (2012), health care has diffidently made some changes for the better in the recent years, such as: * A 50 percent discount for name-brand drugs in the Medicare “donut hole” * Allowing young adults to stay on their family health care plan until the age of 26 * The existence of insurance plans for those with pre-existing conditions * New small business tax credits
Under the new Affordable Care Act, businesses are required to provide health insurance to all their employees. This means, even if an employee was hired as a part-time associate, he/she qualifies for health insurance (Lacher Insurance, 2013). Also if a person is seeking insurance for their child with pre-conditions, they cannot be denied, which is a great thing for children who need health care services for illnesses such as Leukemia, brain tumors, and etc, for prescriptions, therapy and doctor visits follow ups for their illness updates (TheYoungTurks, 2010). The new Health Care Reform has mead health care accessible to all people, even to the people who do not want health care. By penalizing people who opt not to be covered, will make people more accountable for their own health care expenses. Now that everyone is required to have health insurance, people who have subsidized health insurance pay low co-pay or premium, can now take advantage of health care. Some people who did not have medical insurance, did