Health Care System Pros And Cons

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MINIMUM 75 words - Describe the health care practices for your country. Include in this answer whether emphasis is placed on alternative medicine be specific or traditional medical model. With the Health Care Act in effect, citizens are given the option of preventative care and medical treatments from physician offices. Citizens also have access to hospitals and dental surgeries. However, in order to qualify for the Health Act, citizens must apply for a provincial health card. The Canadian Armed Forces, certain members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), and inmates can not apply for a health card. For new immigrants, they must wait three months before applying for the health card. After receiving a health card, citizens are then …show more content…
One of the major pros of their health care system is certain medical expenses are paid for under the Canada Health Act. Under this Act, citizens have no doctor or hospital bills and they also don't have to pay a co-pay. Another big pro in their health care system is no one is excluded from the treatments they need. In some countries, people are turned down for certain medical treatments because they have a low income, but Canada accepts everyone. Canada also provides free mammograms and low health premiums. Along with pros, there are some cons. One of Canada's biggest con is there are long waiting lists for certain procedures and patients must be referred by their family doctor to see specialists. Travel costs for citizens living far away from specialists are very high. There is a certain number of doctors in Canada, causing them to have a shortage. Most of these doctors come to the U.S. Besides all the cons, Canada's healthcare system has more positives than …show more content…
Canada's healthcare system is ranked 30 out of 190 total healthcare systems in the world.
What is the U.S. healthcare ranking? The U.S. is ranked 37 for healthcare out of 190.
MINIMUM 75 words - How would you feel about this country’s healthcare system being implemented in the United States? I think implementing Canada's healthcare system in the United States would be a good idea. The health care costs would be lower and their health care system is higher ranked. People would also save money on not having to pay a co-pay every time they visit their doctors. People would also save money on not paying for their hospital bills. This health care system provides excellent public health, free mammograms, and preventive services. Instead of the doctors billing the patients, they bill the Province instead for the medical treatment. I think if the Canadian healthcare system was implemented in the U.S, people would be able to save a lot of money on their medical