Health care systems Essay

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Our Health System Our Ways

Our health care should be a human right, in my mind I think everybody should be treated fairly when it comes to healthcare. I don’t think it should go by how much money we make or what tax bracket we are in. One thing that is supposed to help this is Obama Care (affordable care act) which helps with the little things like yearly checkups. Healthcare isn’t only affecting us its affecting the entire world. If we start here it’s a start for the rest of the world. Our health care system is a human right everybody should be treated equally and fairly.
In the United States and a lot of other counties around the world, health insurance is based on what tax bracket you’re in or how much money you make. If you don’t have a job or have little or no income with no health insurance a hospital or a doctor’s office can refuse service or refuse service after a period of time after a period of time .About 150 million people globally suffer financial catastrophe and 100 million are pushed below the poverty line as a result of health care expenditure, we can’t have this anywhere.(1) These days each state has their own health insurance they put out (i.e. commonwealth care) which is based on how much the person makes. That being said it should be easy for everyone to get health care.
In the States and a ton of the other counties especially counties like some part Africa and south America where health care is scarce. You have diseases like aids and dieses transmitted by insects. Think about it some insects here can kill humans in one bite same thing down south. Over in some parts of Africa AIDS is the biggest epidemic, we’re sending doctors over there to help battle it. Free health for them is great idea. For us it’s a great idea as well. This is where everybody treated fairly comes into play. That being said it should be easy for everyone to get health care.
The biggest thing to out to try and help all Americans out with healthcare is the Affordable care act. It is and isn’t doing its thing. What I mean by not doing its thing! The biggest one, is that most if not all people are covered so that means the price of…