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Cocaine is the most harmful drug teenagers can get. Cocaine is made up of a variety of different substances. The drug also affects your body in many ways. The side effects are life-changing , and the statistics of teens who use the drug are shocking. Cocaine is made in mostly South America, and made with harmful chemicals. Cocaine is a bitter, crystalline alkoid, used as a antiseptic. Cocaine is also used as a stimulant, and used as an illicit drug. Cocaine can be put into the body many ways; snorting, injecting, and smoking are the three most common way of using the drug. Cocaine has many effects on the human body. During your high from the drug you can experience hyperactivity, carefreeness, increase in energy, alert, restlessness, increased blood pressure, the feeling of being invincible. Cocaine stimulates the central nervous system, and affects the way you process things and ideas in your brain. Cocaine has many side effects that can harm your body for the rest of your life. Some side effects are hoarse voice, increased risk of heart infection, chest pain, and asthma. If you do not experience these symptoms at first, they will most likely occur after using the drug, some symptoms do not occur for weeks, months, or years. The statistics of cocaine use are very low for teenagers. Six million people over the age of twelve have used cocaine in the past year. 3.4% of 10th graders and 5.2% of 12th graders have used cocaine in the past year. Cocaine is made out of leaves that are grown in South America. When the leaves are harvested they are laid out on a tarp and dried for about half or a full day. After the leaves are