Health Desicion Process Essay

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7 steps for decision making process
Decision making process- intellectual process whereby you chose between alternatives to lessen your negative consequences.
1. Identify the decision to be made- realize that a decision must be made and you then go through an process of trying to define the nature of the decision you must make.
2. Gather relevant information- gather all important information related to your decision
3. Identify alternatives.- use your imagination and information to construct new alternatives. list all possible and desirable alternatives.
4. Weigh evidence.- evaluate whether the need would be helped or solved through the use of each alternative. Place the alternatives in priority order, based upon your own value system.
5. Choose among alternatives- Once you have weighed all the evidence, select the alternative which seems to be best suited to you. You may even choose a combination of alternatives
6. Take action- take some positive action which begins to implement the alternative you chose in Step 5.
7. Review decision and consequences.- evaluate whether or not it has “solved” the need you identified in Step 1. If it has, you may stay with this decision for some period of time. If not gather more detailed or somewhat different information or discover additional alternatives on which to base your decision.

Influence on your decisions?
High risk Decisions-a decision that is made with many or high…