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2. What 5 factors does the book associate with good mental health? Rank these factors in order of importance and explain why you feel this is the correct order.
In recent times physical fitness has become an issue of top priority, the maintenance of mental health has taken a back seat causing an increase in aggressive behavior and mental ailments caused by stress and excessive tensions (Ezine Articles). The textbook lists few ways to maintain mental health and I have ranked them as I see fit.

1. Get enough rest. This allows you mind to finally take a break. There are many things going on during the day so get rest can allow your body and mind cope with things going on. Sleeping is one of the only activities that doesn’t stress you out so you should take full advantage of that time. 2. Eat a balanced diet. “The food you eat can have a direct effect on your energy level, physical health, and mood” (Women’s Health). A balanced diet helps your body and mind feel good. Certain vitamins and minerals can help with depression symptom and the lack of some nutrients can lead to depression in new mothers (Women’s Health).

3. Engage in physical activity, take time to do something fun, or relax. Everyone needs a little time to themselves to clear their heads. A couple of minutes of quiet time can be the difference between you stressing out and remaining calm.

4. Avoid or moderate your intake of caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs. Instead of fixing the problem, these items often just add to them. Your mind isn’t able to function properly when under the influence of a controlled substance so instead of helping you forget about the long, stressful day you had it can make you think more about it, even more than you actually were in the first place.

5. Develop a strong support network. Talking to someone is an important way to maintain mental health. If you’re going through something it sometime helps to talk to someone about it instead of holding everything internally. It’s important to find someone you are about to rant about your day allowing you to get everything off your chest and move forward. Holding in stress can only lead to more stress and physical and mental problems.

3. Do you agree with the order of Maslow's hierarchy of needs? Why or why not?
I agree with the idea of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs but I do not agree with the order. I feel physiological needs starts at the bottom because the start from human nature. If we don’t eat food or drink water we are not able to survive and you are taught that at a very young age. Everything else is obsolete until this need is fulfilled (

Right above that I will keep safety needs. This is closely linked to the trust vs. mistrust stage of Erikson’s Stages of Psychosocial Development (147) and this stage begins at birth. We crave the need for safety and security and if this need is left unfulfilled we start to threatened, anxiety, and mistrust. If this need is left unfulfilled you will not be able to move up the pyramid (envision).

Instead of social needs coming next, I feel esteem needs should take its place. This can be linked to the autonomy vs. shame and doubt stage beginning at the age of 1 and the industry vs. inferiority stage beginning at the age of 6 (147). In the first stage you learn to be confident and independent and in the second you learn to have confidence in your skills. If you do not fulfill these needs, you will become overly dependent on other, lack self-esteem, and lack confidence in your skills.

I would place social needs next because once you find your self-worth and development self-esteem, you will be able to create lasting friendships, relationships, and social status. This is connected to the intimacy vs. isolation stage that usually starts in young adulthood (147). You start to develop strong relationships with others and if you aren’t able to complete this stage and fulfill these needs you often start to feel