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Kenney Morales
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What are the benefits of working out ? How do we stay in shape ? ,How do you get in shape ? , What diets will work for me ?,How can i keep track of what i eat to monitor my calories ,What kinds of exercises can i do to get in shape ? What are some myths about working out ? What are some foods to eat to burn fat ? These are many questions many people have when beginning their journey to getting into shape and working out. ''Every single action you take toward your ultimate bodybuilding goal is important, but unless you make each step the most important thing in the world, you'll never get the results you're capable of getting.'' (15ways) First thing i would like to address is getting motivated because to me its the first step in your fitness journey . Your journey to becoming fit is not a goal it does not end you should always strive for better, to be better than you were. I feel that once you realize you want to you can begin because you need the right mindset before anything else ,since the mind will always fail before the body. Working out is hard but its worth it its not something that happens overnight it takes weeks,months, and even years, so don't get discouraged if you don't see results get motivated! ''Myth 1 /// If You're Heavy, You're Fat , Myth 2 /// You Can't Build Muscle With Veggies ,Myth 3 /// You Have To Eat Fruit To Be Healthy ,Myth 4 /// If You Take A Long Break, Your Muscle Will Turn To Fat.'' ( First myth is false most weight can be muscle weight so when you loose fat sometimes the muscle will grow in place so its normal to not loose weight while lifting. You can build muscles with fruits they provide carbs to which you need for energy also providing minerals and vitamins. This brings us into the next myth just cause you eat fruit doesn't mean you're healthy you still need to have a balanced diet. Your muscles do not turn into fat but rather you gain fat