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25) (a) What are the signs, symptoms and management of hard tissue injuries? 4

Signs that occur from hard tissue injuries are localised pain, tenderness and deformity, what about swelling. From this symptoms a loss of function to the particular hard tissue injury will occur. It is where is should be managed by immobilising (example of how) and seeking medical attention as soon as possible to deal with the injury. (What about TOTAPS?)

(b) An athlete is recovering from an ankle injury. Explain the factors the athlete needs to consider before returning to play. 6

An athlete must consider many factors when recovering from an injury to be able to return to play. Firstly, the athlete should be monitoring their progress of their injury by through a pre and post test. This will enable the athlete to see if their injured area has improved returned to what it once was. These tests can be done through sport specific patterns in which the athlete completes in their sport. Give ankle specific examples. Secondly, there must be indicators of readiness to play meaning the athlete must be pain free and have a full degree of mobility of their injured ankle where pain and mobility is removed. This can be supported through the taping of the ankle where it creates extra support for the athlete. Taping can be applied to the ankle at training sessions where their ability to perform task is increased through the factor of progressive involvement as each week progresses, so does the amount of movement of the ankle depending on the athlete for example, the athlete should do ……. In the first week then move up to …… after that. . Finally the last factor to be considered is the specific warm up procedure as this ensures that before play/ training, the ankle is targeted as the main part of the body to be warmed up so the athlete does not injure it again. So give me an example!!!!!

Without examples Angelo you are reducing your marks in this question to a top of 4, you must always give specific examples to support your answer.

(c) Analyse the role of physical preparation in enhancing the wellbeing of an athlete. 10

Physical preparation is a vital role in enhancing the well being of an athlete as it determines at which level the athlete is at and what level they need to get to in order to achieve their goals. The physical preparation that is undertaken of the athlete is through pre screening, skill and technique, physical fitness and warm up, stretching and cool down. In order for athletes to enhance their well being, all of these must be completed to ensure that the role of physical preparation is effective and enhances the athletes well being. Good intro

Pre screening assesses the health status of a person before they become involved in a training program. Age, gender, current health status and previous experience are important criteria’s in the pre screening process as they allow athletes to know in what state their body is currently in and how and what for the sport they compete in. Pre screening is essential for males over 40, females over 50, asthmatics, people who smoke and/or are obese and people who have a family history of heart conditions. By running a pre screening test it enhances the well being of an athlete by making sure that they are eligible? Is this the right word? to compete in their certain event. you need to analyse this more… what if they don’t do prescreening.

Skills and technique relate to the efficiency which athletes perform the required activities. Each athlete is different, as some may complete difficult activities with ease and precision where they are regarded as skillful. A less skilled performer will often be focused on performing the skill, reducing awareness of their surroundings an be distracted. For example an amateur basketball player who lacks dribbling. Whilst dribbling they are focusing on the ball but fail to see a defender in their way resulting in a collision. In order to enhance this,