Health: Heart and Mrs. Diane Ledford Essay

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Sweet- Heart We Need To Talk
Austin Graham
Temple High School
12th Grade
Mrs. Diane Ledford
589 Sage Street
Temple, GA 30179
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Your to-do list for today probably doesn’t include “Get Heart Healthy” as a priority. We normally associate difficulties of the heart with older people, so right now we’re in the clear right? And there is plenty of time to break bad habits? Sweet heart, I think it’s time we had a talk. Let’s start with resolving at the entry level; our mouth. It seems odd to think that our teeth have any corelation with our hearts; but according to The American Academy of Peridontology, people with peridontal or gum disease are two times more likely to develop heart disease. Bacteria build up on your teeth and gums enter the bloodstream and attach to fat already in the arteries causing inflammation to the arteries; which can result in slower blood flow to the heart or Bradycardia. Moving up! A study conducted at Yale University in 2006, showed that layoffs doubled the risk of heart attacks. Stress can leed us to engage in unhabitual behaviors that are not fit for our hearts to endure. Smoking,excessive consumption of alcohol and, overeating of the wrong foods can all lead us down this short-lived path. So unlpug from your phone a little everyday; I promise society will still be there when you get back. Schedule time for yourself to relax and clear your mind. Find your little piece of zen. Time to get personal. The topic of weight seems…