Health: Hula Hoop and Personal Health Reflection Essay

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October 20, 2011
Personal Health
The first phase of this project was meeting with our group and planning out each day step by step, and figuring out who would be in charge of what. I helped decide what activities to do for each day. Everyone for the most part contributed in the planning process, although there were a few people who did take charge more than others. I felt extremely prepared for this activity from all of our planning and discussions we had. We were very confident in our plans and were very successful in the end.
In the Whipple's classroom we had two people dress up in an apple and banana costume. The kids noticed them before recess was even over, so we went on the playground, which the kids loved. Then, Mia, Michelle, and Ryan started off the introduction and rules on nutrition day. Following the introduction, we did the picnic game ice breaker with the entire class. Afterward, Alisha and Julien continued with reading the book Up, Down, and Around. Once we were done reading the book, they went outside for my plate. While they were all outside, Mackenzie, Dominique, and I set up snack, which didn't take as long as the kids did outside. As the kids came into the classroom, Mitch and I gave each of them a squirt of hand sanitizer. Once they had all been seated, we explained to them what they had for snack and what they were going to be doing with the skewer stick, and why we had given them hand sanitizer before they ate. To close the lesson, we sang the 'Go Bananas' song and had everyone participate. The kids were intrigued and ecstatic in everything we did, and told them. The day went very smoothly as planned.
To start fitness day off, Alyx, Wes, and Jordan did the introduction and rules. Before we went outside, we did an ice breaker with them called the animal game, where they would say there favorite animal, then everyone would make the noise of that animal.