Health Information Technology (HIT)

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Health Information Technology (HIT)
Dawn Mills
July 1, 2013
David Olsen

Health Information Technology (HIT)
HIT (Health information technology) (HHS, n.d.), a career within a health care information technology company. The way HIT is used in a health care company is by using products including software, hardware, and infrastructure. HIT involves the communication of products and services through the exchange of a patient’s health information by way of a computerized environment. HIT reduces health care costs, improves quality of health care, increases administrative efficiencies, prevents medical errors, and decreases paperwork. HIT ensures the security and privacy of electronic health information that are transmitted and maintained electronically. HIT’s are quickly becoming the hallmark of efficient physician practices around the globe.
Services & Products
HIT delivers products and services of health care by allowing health care professionals to work together with increased efficiently. The products and services can include EHR (electronic health records), CDS (clinical decision support), and EMR (electronic medical records). These product and services are electronic systems that provide benefits both patients and providers depending upon how well they are used. The health care professional uses these products and services to promote and improve health care. The advantage of the products and services is to improve accuracy and provide the best patient care in the ever-changing health care industry. Provider’s well see reduces costs, time, and labor, while giving the patient quicker diagnoses when using these products and services. According to the Health IT, health care professionals and providers that use electronic systems will see more efficiency in the transfer of patient information in timely manner (Health IT, n.d.).
Workforce Roles
Workforce roles have impacted preventive care, track referrals, and test results involving HIT. The HIT uses several of software programs throughout the industry that have demonstrated benefit for use during the process of treating the patient. An HIT can use computerized provider order entry (CPOE) to lessen adverse errors and medication error rates. In addition to electronic prescribing the HIT carries out tasks easily and efficiently, while using the software. This is achieved by a user-friendly layout and user access to electronic prescribing, bar coding, and EHR’s. The software was designed specifically, with the needs of the HIT professional in mind. The electronic prescribing has been standardized due to a regulation conflict with Medicare Part D in many US states (AMA, 1995).
Decision making have significantly impacted the roles on the health care organizations. Health care professionals have a responsibility to provide tools and resources needed for these roles. The electronic system users will need to be competent basic computer skills, information literacy, and information management. Building a support system will give the health care professional the help needed in order to access patient information and update documentation. Health care professionals also need to be trained in electronic systems software, so they are able to manage patient information. Health care professionals will need internet