Health Insurance Essay

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Healthcare Viewpoints
Obamacare has made it difficult as well as efficient for people with health care. There are concerns about Medicare spending are front and center in discussions of how our federal budget deficit. America needs to ensure it maintains a health care safety assuring no one suffers due to lack of essential health care. Obamacare will increase health care costs.
The Government has took over drastically on health care. The authorities have empowered with telling the doctors and hospitals that quality health care and what not are the best practice in medicine. Authorities also said medical practices should be structured and that they will be paid. Government will mandate exactly what health insurance with what benefits the workers and the employees that they will have to pay for. The act imposes tax penalties on them if they decide not to comply with the new law. Authorities has dictated insurance companies with exactly health insurance that they must sell. Through the government control and there compulsion over time primarily through bureaucratic land lines involving grants of regulatory authority.
Health care cost has become so much higher. The president had promised while he was campaigning that the health reforms legislation would reduce for the growth of health care costs for families, businesses and government. The cost for families has reduced by $2,500 per family. The Obamacare legislation with opposite effects increasing health care cost for the families, businesses and governments. The president has increased costs for the federal government further with a massive health entitlement programs. By 2014, the new programs will be providing $3,000 in the taxpayer’s funds if the families make $95,000. They are thinking in 2018, $5,000 in taxpayer’s funds if the families make $102,000. Congressional budget office has estimated the subsidies to cost the taxpayers an additional $457 billion for the first 6years (2019). Medicare’s total cost with the new entitlement shall reached over $500 billion for the first 6years. Only in the beginning programs will ultimately cost much more than projected. Health insurance now has 2 new taxes. One of the taxes is for supposedly high-value insurance that will apply more and more plans every year. The second taxes on health insurance will start adding nearly $100 billion towards health insurance cost over the 10 years alone. Over 24 million has increased the cost shifting of private health insurance due to massive expansion of Medicaid. There also was a massive Medicare cuts due to the doctors and hospitals trying to recoup because of the enormous loss by charging more for private insured patients. A massive increase in the welfare has extended to the middle- and the upper-income families. The irresponsibility has been added to the top of the runway, while the financial intractable entitlement was already promised to be made. Obamacare has extremely increased insurance cost with the mandates forcing people to have comprehensive insurance coverage. The annual report of the Medicare board reveals that Medicare payment rates to the doctors and the hospitals serving seniors are going to be cut by at least 30% within the next 3years. Medicaid will have lower payment rates then Medicare will have. The Medicare payments will be 1/3 of what’s going to be paid by private insurance and half of what Medicaid is going to pay which causes the poor’s to have a struggle finding essential care. Draconian Medicare cuts would create havoc and chaos in the health care for seniors. Doctors, hospitals, surgeons, and specialists providing critical care to seniors meaning surgery for hips, knee replacements, sophisticated diagnostic’s through MRI’s and CT scans. Even treatments for cancer and heart disease will shut down and disappear in most of the country. Others will just stop serving Medicare patients all together. If the government decides to not to pay then the seniors will