Health Iss vs. Cost and Love Essay

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Health Issues vs. Cost and Love

Only by having money and love for Boston terriers can owners prevent these dogs from being euthanized due to health issues with their eyes, skin, respiratory, and digestive systems. Boston terriers just like many dog breeds they suffer from health issues. These dogs are adorable, mainly, because of their big eyes. These same adorable eyes have health problems, though. Eye issues they have are entropion, which is where the eyelid rolls inward and corneal dystrophy. Corneal dystrophy affects both eyes; it’s where the cornea turns to a white mucous. This mucous causes blindness. It is known in many breeds that health issues are related back to their skin. Skin on this small dog is very sensitive which makes it easy to have problems like skin allergies. These allergies occur when the dog’s skin comes in contact with environmental organisms. An environmental allergy is atopic dermatitis, a rash on the skin caused from running in long grass and weeds. Boston terriers have short and squashed faces which is the cause for their biggest health problem. Brachycephalic syndrome blocks oxygen from fully coming through the trachea and nostrils making breathing difficult. Breathing issues is what kills most Boston terriers. Another huge health problem this breed has is digestive related. When Boston terriers eat they don’t chew their food which makes choking easy. They also have a sensitive digestive system which makes it easy for intestines to become bloated and inflamed if they eat certain food. Some foods include chocolate and cooked bones.…