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The relationship between epidemics, pandemics and health practices.
What is an epidemic?
When there is an outbreak of infectious disease which affects a large number of people and/or is spread to many different places, it is called in medicine an epidemic of that disease. Disease spreading among a smaller number of people in a single community or limited location is called an outbreak instead of epidemic. If the number of people and places where the disease has spread is international.
Give an example of a disease that has caused and epidemic. Incle the name of the disease and where it occurred.
AVN disease (avascular necrosis) strangles the blood supply leading to the various bone components in the body, eventually causing bone matter to collapse and die. AVN disease can attack any bone in the body, but it primarily occurs in the shoulders, knees, and hips. If you are experiencing joint pain in these areas, you may be in the early stages of AVN disease.
What is a pandemic?
An infectious disease that is spreading across the whole planet, also known as a large epidemic. Pandemics are world-wide or affect entire global regions, hemispheres, multiple countries over a section of the world or multiple continents.
Give an example of a disease that has caused a pandemic. Include the name of the disease and where it occurred.
When a new influenza A virus emerges, a flu pandemic can occur. Because the virus is new, the human population has little to no immunity against it. The virus spreads quickly from person-to-person worldwide.
Describe factors that contribute to the transmission of infectious diseases.
“Emerging” infectious diseases can be defined as infections that have newly appeared in a population or have existed but are rapidly increasing in incidence or geographic range. Among recent examples are HIV/AIDS, hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, Lyme disease, and hemolytic uremic syndrome (a foodborne infection caused by certain strains of Escherichia coli).

In what way can diseases that cause epidemic be treated?

Treatment, Vaccine, antibiotic and consulting Doctors regarding the epidemic issue.

In what way can diseases that cause pandemics be…