Essay about Health: Medicine and Health Care

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Davontae Foxx-Drew
Civic Engagement 95 CE
Instructor: Stephanie Benavides
May 18th, 2013
Assignment #6
Research Paper Outline
1. Introduction
a. Thesis: The purpose of my research paper is to address the disparities within the health care system.
b. Key Topics: Comparing and contrasting the access to health between different ethnic groups; evaluating the cost of health care; observing racial segregation within the health care system; and looking at the overall health care system for its employees along with patients.
c. Topic questions and sentences: What challenges do minorities face with access to health care? How does the cost of health care affect the cost of health care? How does socioeconomic status determine the quality of health care you receive? What is the relationship between the patient and provider look like for each socioeconomic group?
2. Body
a. What is health care system?
i. Topic Sentence: The health care system is an organization of people, institutions, and resources to deliver health care services to meet the needs of target populations. ii. Key points: The types of health care systems; U.S. vs. International; Public vs. Private
b. What are the disparities within the health care system consist of and where do they stem from?
i. Topic Sentence: The racial disparities in medical care are determined by the context of racial inequities in societal institutions. ii. Key Points: Institutional policies regarding health care; unconscious