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Health/Wellness Topic
There are many people in the world today who either dont worry about their health or they do care about it. Living in a eviorment that is polluted and dangerous, somethings we can't avoid. There are many subjects to learn about in a health and wellness class. There may be alot of information that you did not know. The information you learn about is very helpful and can prevent you from health problems in the future. There are a few important subjects that everybody should know about which are the top leading causes of death in young people and elderly people and how to prevent them, stress and information on STDs and how to prevent them. These areas are very significant in one's life. In the developing country that we live in there are many(FAWord) people who suffer and die from diseases and health conditions due to the lack of basic health measures(FAWord). Due to these conditions people get sick and are not able to care for themselves mentally and physically. In the United States most deaths come from noncommunicable diseases. These are diseases that are not infectionous or contagious. Most of them are chronic diseases that develop overtime(12). According to fitwell questions and answers approximately 70 percent of people develop and die from some type of a chronic disease. The first leading cause of death in the US is heart disease. The second leading cause of death is cancer. Cancer can develop anywhere in your body. Some cancer grows and some just stay and never grow or get smaller. The third leading cause of death are strokes. Strokes occur because of the lack of oxygen to the brain. Having a stroke can affect many parts of the brain which may cause you to be weak in one part of your body, having speech problems and paralysis. All of these noncommunicable diseases can develop overtime and also be genetic. All of these mostly occur in elderly people; but it is rare for them to occur in younger adults. But because of this fact, doesnt mean that younger adults should ignore it. In the younger generation the leading causes of death are accidents, homicide and suicide. These leading causes come from violence, depression and risky behavior(13). Habits that people go by have a huge influence on wheather and when you develop chronic diseases. People can do many things(FAWord) to prevent or lower your chance of getting these diseases or injuries. These include checking your family history, be physically active, choose a good but health diet, maintain a healthy weight, avoid