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Substance Use and Abuse
1. ___Marijuana is less harmful that tobacco or alcohol.
2. ___ Date rape drugs can be put in any drinks including pop, juice and water.
3. ___ 14% of students reported smoking more than one cigarette during the past 12 months and 9% smoked daily.
4. ___ An illicit drug means one that is a stimulant.
5. ___ Methamphetamine is a drug which decreases ones appetite and may cause strokes, irregular heart beat and respiratory problems.
6. ___ Cocaine is a powerful depressant.
7. ___ Date rape drugs take about 1 hours until the effects are felt.
8. ___ Drugs become more dangerous when they are mixed.
9. ___ If someone passes out from drinking, it is best to let him/her sleep it off.
10. ___ Ecstasy may cause kidney or cardiovascular failure, paralysis or brain damage.
Multiple Choice.
1. A single marijuana joint has the equivalent cancer causing agents of ___ cigarettes. a) 2 b) 5 c) 10 d) 15
2. Alcohol is a type of drug : a) stimulant b) hallucinogen c) club drug d) depressant
3. Inhalants are considered to be a : a) stimulant b) hallucinogen c) club drug d) depressant
4. In Constable Ashkinase's presentation, he talked about methamphetamine. How long does it normally take for people to come back down from the high? (how many days does it normally keep them awake for? ) a) 1 days b) 3 days c) 7 days d) 10 days
5. According to studies, the most common drug used by teens in high school is : a) cigarettes b) marijuana c) alcohol d) methamphetamine
Fill in the Blank :
1. If a pregnant mother drinks alcohol during pregnancy, the alcohol passes directly into the baby's bloodstream through the __________. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome may result causing __________.
2. Binge drinking is when someone drinks more than __ drinks on one occasion.
3. There are many myths about how to help a sober person up. However, the liver eliminates alcohol at a certain rate and needs approximately __ hour(s) to eliminate one standard drink from the body.
4. A street name for rohypnol is _______________.
5. GHB is a date rape drug and club drug. A possible side effect of taking this drug is _________________.
6. Ecstasy is a hallucinogen and stimulant. A possible side effect of taking this drug is _________________.
7. Two ingredients found in a cigarette include ____________ and ______________.
Drug Use : is when someone uses a drug without it interfering with their life.
Drug Abuse: is when someone uses too much of a drug so that it interferes with their school performance, social life, etc
Explain how these terms are different.
Because when you have a drug overdose or a are dependant on a drug, it is considered drug abuse but if you use a drug but can live without it and such, it is considered drug use.
Short Answer:
Identify 3 non-physical negative effects of substance (ab)use.
- marks will often go down in school - get “wrong” type of attention from peers - may lose friends because of the choice you made and it starts to take over your life.
Identify and describe 3 strategies the media uses to attract teens to buy their products.
- music - humour - one of the gang
Identify 3 factors that influence your attitudes toward alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.
-your friends -your family -how you think it wont help you
Healthy Sexuality
__ovulation a. Male sex organ; becomes enlarged and erect when aroused
__sperm b. Surgical removal of foreskin of the penis
__seminal vesicles c. Male sex hormone
__fertilization d. Male reproductive cells
__menstrual cycle e. Sac that contains two testes
__circumcision f. The time from the beginning of one menstrual period to the onset of the next.
__labia g. Two small glands that produce sperm
__uterus h. The process of releasing one mature ovum each month
__fallopian tubes i. A pair of connecting tubes, past the epididymis
__vagina j. The union of a reproductive cell from a male and