Health Organization Case Study: Unitedhealth Group Essay

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Health Organization Case Study: United Healthcare Many selections of healthcare plans are available for consumers to choose from to match their own personal needs, preferences and budget. The health care system is most often complex, inconsistent and costly. To maintain and improve the business, healthcare organizations are continuously innovative and evolving to meet the demands of consumers. The purpose of this paper is to discuss a case study of UnitedHealthcare Group, what they are about, their network and resource management, their view on nursing and how they satisfy their patients.
About United Healthcare The largest for profit healthcare carrier in the United States (US) is UnitedHealth Group, the parent of UnitedHealthcare.
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Nurse Staffing Nursing is the largest profession in the health care workforce, with more than three million nurses working in the front line of the nation’s health care system. Over the course of the decade, statistics have shown that the demand for nursing professionals nationwide will dramatically increase, due to for example, the increase in the aging population in the US with more people living longer with complex and chronic disorders (UnitedHealthcare, 2013). According to Health Affairs, there is going to be about 260,000 nursing shortage, by the year 2025. UnitedHealth Group is one of the nation’s largest employers of nurses, with its subsidiaries and divisions, has more than 11,000 nurses in 43 states (UnitedHealth Group, 2011). They believe in the critical roles that nurse leaders play in modernizing and redesigning the US health care system and thereby establish the Center for Nursing Advancement in 2008. Collaborating with the University of St. Thomas (UST), they also launched a Nurse Executive Leadership program to mentor the business and leadership skills of nursing professionals (UnitedHealth Group, 2011). In an effort to create a life-long culture-rich learning, UnitedHealth Group is promoting nurses to expand their clinical and business skills and seek advanced education to prepare today’s professional nurses to meet the demands of today’s health industry complex settings.