Health Project Essay

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Health Project Essay

Emily Martinez
December 1, 2014
3rd Period

With so much school work, it was difficult to cram everything in within one day.
Managing and scheduling everyday tasks for more than four months was extremely challenging. Time management is an important life­skill to master and is necessary for everyday life. However, this is my recount of managing my time wisely for school.
I learned many things about myself while learning to manage my time. For example, I noticed I do not work well under stress of having so much school work; however, in the end, I completed every assignment and turned it in of time. When I had
5 to 6 pages of homework in one night, I tended to put meals off for later and be in a bad mood, because I was in such a rush. Otherwise, I was okay. In addition, I learned that doing some homework during school lunches helped to not be so frustrated when I did have a lot of homework to do at home. When I had something planned for the weekend, I did my homework during school or Friday night.
Physically and psychologically, I feel as if I have more time for myself and can sleep peacefully now without worrying about tomorrow’s homework or what I have to do in a week from now, because I am more organized. I am no longer so stressed and worried all the time. I feel I am in control of my time and not my school work, leaving me happier. Physically, I am not as tired as I used to be and can go throughout the day not feeling as exhausted.
I believe I was very successful at managing my time for school, for I got better grades every six weeks that passed. Considering, I had almost 6 projects at once, I certainly think I’ve achieved great satisfaction in making a change in my life and


changing my health behavior for years to come that will help me later on in highschool and life.
If I had the chance to change anything I could have done, I would relax a more and tell myself it’d be okay, because in the end, I knew I tried my very best and put in a lot of effort to manage my time wisely. I would