Health Promotion

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Acting in accordance with World Health Organization (2015), Health promotion is the manner of assisting individuals to empower and better their well-being. Giving important facts and educating the people, society and community about the importance of looking after their health conditions is essential. It takes commitment, mutual participation, and positive attitude to make good influences to health status in the society. Promoting good health in our community could have an impact towards altering our environment and social situations.
As a physical therapist, being an advocate for healthy change will help people to achieve their maximum health potential. Thus, assisting persons prolong their life span and improve their well-being. Furthermore,
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Most people in the school and health care organizations take for granted about the importance of having good health. Due to increasing demand in school and work, a lot people forget to engage themselves in physical activity and wellness. They hardly have a chance to make themselves available to go to the gym or do exercises at home. In addition, they lack resources to motivate themselves to be physically active. As a result, it is ordinary people to have increased risks for stress, anxiety, obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, or decreased life span. With physical activity, it has a lot of health advantages such as decrease cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, other health related …show more content…
Weekly group exercise activity can be executed as part of work and school activity. Group exercise routine can include yoga, Pilates, and strengthening programs. Second, involve workers and students to group outdoor activities such as hiking, running, additional team sports events that could build rapport among colleagues and students. For instance, running/walking a 4k to promote fund raiser and autism. Also, team building activities that could augment group relationships Thus, it will aid in the success of fitness well programs. Third, building some gym stations that could encourage students and employees to go to the gym and exercise. The healthier the employees and students, the more they are productive. This will radiate positive energy towards social and family relationships. Last, involving family in changing health perspective through the application that improved the support from family members to break unhealthy patterns of