Health Psychology Essay

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November 17, 2013
My family has a history of depression and I can partially contribute that to my eating habits. Because of the depression, I sometimes neglect giving my body proper nutrition as well as neglecting to exercise to aid a nutritious diet. This biological factor can significantly impact a person’s ability and will to maintain a healthy diet. I have a family member who has taken on a considerable amount of weight due to anxiety and depression. I have another family member who stress eats due to anxiety. Depression and anxiety can significantly impact a person’s diet and their outlook on maintaining a proper diet for the future. As a college student, it is sometimes difficult to maintain a healthy diet. The environmental or social factor that contributes to my bad eating habits is my family and friends. I currently live at home and so I eat whatever is available to me. My family is usually pretty good about providing healthy choices, however, there are times when the quickest choice is also the unhealthy one. Also, my friends play a factor into my unhealthy habits. Spending a significant amount of time with someone often times results in acquiring habits and other qualities of that person. Due to this factor, I have acquired some of the bad eating habits of some of my friends. Because we are in college and always on the run, we sometimes have to choose the quickest option, which is more often than not the unhealthy choice. A personality trait I have that