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Effects of Mass Media Worksheet

Write brief 250-to 300-word answers to each of the following:

|Questions |Answers |
|What were the major developments in the |It all started with print media well before the 20th century and then in 1922 the first |
|evolution of mass media during the 20th |commercial radio broadcast started. Radio evolved through the 20th century by starting |
|century? |talk radio broadcast based on certain agendas so that you could pick your own agenda |
| |rather than having that agenda picked for you by the networks. The evolution of radio was |
| |also helped along by the development of the portable radio and the Walkman which allowed |
| |you to listen to the radio no matter where you were. Next with the television around 1935 |
| |with the first public transmission broadcast. The FCC set standards on television around |
| |1940 and then in 1950 color television was introduced, Television brought the world |
| |together on a whole new level as politics became the normal agenda in the 1950s and 1960s.|
| |People enjoyed being able to put a face with the voice on the other end, Television along|
| |with radio had a way with picking the agenda for the American public. The most formidable |
| |and important part of mass media evolution is the internet which had been a long time |
| |coming as work began on computers in the 1940s with the development of digital technology.|
| |In the 1960s research began for the internet and in 1970s the first e mail along with the |
| |microprocessor were developed leading us right into the 1980s where fiber optic cable for |
| |transmitting information digitally and hyperlink enables people to put web pages together.|
| |The year I graduated from high school is when the internet actually came to life as web |
| |browsers were introduced and it became possible to navigate the internet. In my opinion |
| |the Internet is the best part of media evolution because it offers a free and open |
| |platform of expression. |
|How did each development influence |The development of Radio was a big influence on American culture as it brought the people |
|American culture? |in the United states together and gave them some aspect of what was going on in real time |
| |rather than having to get it from a newspaper or magazine. The political agenda was really|
| |big