Health Related Issues

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Health Related Issues
This assignment will be a summary paper which looks at the influence of the environment and the different forms of physical activity and different types of healthy diets that it should be taken daily ,which encourage individuals to adopt positive health related behaviours that have a positive effect on an individual’s health. Mainly with the efforts to reduce such things as diabetes and obesity, the report will also look at the department of health discussing the investment and policies which have been set up in order to build a fitter, healthier and happier nation.
Department of health
The department of health was set up to provide strategic leadership for public, NHS and social care in England. The department of health aims to improve England’s health and well-being thus achieve better care and better value for all. Hancock (2009) indicates that overconsumption of foods high in fat, sugar, and salt is, of course, partly responsible for the obesity crisis (as are, arguably, cars, video games, and a whole range of labour-saving devices), but the food and beverage companies are not going to go away if we ignore them.
The department of health focuses around five key priorities which are a patient led NHS, delivering better health outcomes, a more autonomous and accountable system, improving public health and reforming long term and social care. The way in which the department of health achieves their targets and priorities is through government policy, integrating wider public policy into health care services and working with other sectors and systems which do not have a direct relationship with them.
One of the ways in which the department of health aims to improve the health of individuals in society is to increase the participation of physical activity; the reason for this is that the right amount of physical activity can help reduce the likelihood of getting diseases such as heart diseases, obesity and diabetes. Woo et al found a link between combating obesity through exercise and a proper diet .According to Edward (2007) adults should do a minimum of 30 minutes moderate intensity physical activity, 5 days a week. These 30 minutes do not have to be completed all in one go and can be split in three, ten minute periods of exercise; furthermore the exercise does not have to be sports related it can range from walking to the shop to walking the dog. Other health issues such as drinking and smoking are another aspect which the department of health is looking to reduce as there is a higher risk factor of developing liver cancer and lung cancer.
The department of health has created a number of initiatives and organisations to target these issues such as change for life which looks at teaching and motivating individuals to eat healthier as well as trying to help reduce hazardous habits which include drinking and smoking. Change4life was introduced because according to department of health the cost of physical inactivity in England cost the state’s 8.2 billion annually (Dept of Health, 2004). Other reasons include trying to change habitual behaviours and to providing knowledge to families, adults and children.

Within the National Health Service policy they provide free health service care for everyone. This is only based on the needs of the public and the policy believes that people do not need to have to pay to be treated. This Department publishes strategies and policies on various types of issues that are relevant for the NHS including modernisation, innovation, patient safety and resources for NHS managers. NHS thinks one of the reasons for obesity is because most people have long shift of work and rarely eat a health meal relying only in fast food, sometimes for over 2-3 weeks without eating a healthy meal. However there has been evidence of work being good for a person’s health, It is said that families without a working member are the ones who are the most likely to