Essay on health safety and sercurity.

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Report for Health, safety and security assignment 3.

I am going to write a report to assess the hazards and make recommendations to minimise these risks for my service users. The first hazard is getting on and off rides: the existing control measures for this hazard is that staff will mop areas which are very wet and slippery at quieter times to reduce the number of people affected. To overcome this hazard staff should give assistance when getting on the rides, put hand rails up for getting on big roller-coaster, cleaning up the areas when it’s raining and make sure all sign posts are in sight so all service users take care when getting on and off rides. My next hazard is traffic, the existing control measure is that there are pedestrian crossings on site and there are designated drop off/parking points for coaches. To overcome this problem there should be a one way system put into action so that young will only have to look one way and only have to cross one set of traffic. This will make sure there are no accidents or crashes. My next hazard is loss of students: the existing control measure is that all the staff have bright coloured uniform on so that children who get lost can recognise staff when they are lost they can ask staff to help them guide them back to their friends and teachers. To overcome this problem I suggest having bug flags around the park so they are visible from where ever you are in the theme park so that if you get lost you can go to these flags and everyone will know where to look for you. My next hazard is food poisoning: the existing control measures for this hazard is all food outlets have a regular inspection to make sure they aren’t selling contaminated food to make visitors ill. Alton towers have this hazard covered really but to make sure 100% that all staff wash their hands after toilet use, washing their hands if they smoke and making sure their uniform is clean. My next hazard weather: the existing control measures is just to make sure you prepare for British weather, the park provide shaded areas for when it is very hot and advise you to wear flat shoes. To overcome this hazard of burning make sure you take sun cream if it’s hot and to take different set of clothes if it’s raining so you aren’t stuck in wet clothes all day. My next hazard is water rides: the existing control measures is that rules are put up clearly around the 6 water rides and that supervision is advised for young children in case they drown. To overcome this hazard they should make water rides for 15 year olds and older just they are more mature than smaller children this will prevent accidents happening. My next hazard is wet floor after mopping: the existing control measures for this hazard is that wet floor signs are placed when the floor is wet, mopping is carried out at quieter times so this doesn’t make it hard to clean up the water with everyone around. To overcome this problem Alton towers should mop and dry all wet floors so that no visitors fall and hurt themselves. My next hazard is strobe lighting: the existing control measures for this hazard is that signs are placed outside rides with strobe lighting so visitors are noticed about this feature before they enter the ride. Alton towers have covered this hazard already but to overcome this hazard Alton towers could warn visitors when entering the park and tell visitors which rides not to go on with strobe lighting. My next hazard is lost items: the existing measure for this hazard is that Alton towers provide lockers to lock away your valuables at the start of your day and only you can enter the locker this will prevent loosing your valuables. Alton towers have also covered this hazard too because they also have cages at the side of rides to place your bags, but one suggestion could be keeping expensive valuables at home or placing them in the boot of your car before entering the park so you know there safe and secure. My last hazard is door entrapment: the