Health, Safety and Welfare in Ecce Setting Essay

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Table of contents:

Aim and Introduction.

Health and safety in ECCE setting.

Health and Safety Policies and Procedures in ECCE Setting.

Well-being of children in ECCE setting.

Characteristic of positive environment in ECCE setting

The factors that contribute to the overall well-being of the children in ECCE setting

Components of a balanced diet for children

Menu sample.

Indoor and Outdoor Safety.

Signs and symptoms of unwell child.
Crèche Safety Check list Sample

Example Risk Assessment for a Crèche





“The effective functioning of child rearing processes in the family and other child settings requires public
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There is a clear statement here acknowledging the value of play as a powerful learning vehicle for young children, as well as the importance of the relationships and environment they are engaged in.(Donohoe,2011)

Pre-school services are required to provide a suitably equipped first aid box for children with recommended contents. This should be store safety and should be taken on outings.

Medicines should be clearly labelled in original containers and inaccessible for children's. A person trained in first aid should be on the the premises at all times band should accompany children on outings

Arrangements should be in place to obtain medical assistance for a child in a emergency and written parental assistance should be in place for this. There should be a procedure for the administration of medicine to children when required with the parental consent.


|● |A sufficient number of suitable and competent adults are working directly with the pre-school children in the pre-school service at all |
| |times. |
|● |The service has a designated person in charge and a named person who is able to deputise as required.