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From the risk factors and through what I explained to you. I hope that it really will be useful. It not only allows us to add more news knowledge but it is also has a significance role in dealing with breast cancer. Breast cancer is not as fearsome as we thought. Although the incidence of this disease are tends to increase but the mortality rates gradually been improved through to the achievements in prevention, screening and early detection, diagnosis and treatment. This cancer is cured when detected early and treated in time. Disease is detected at an early stage as the higher cure rate. Because if we early diagnosis and early treatment so, over 80% of our opportunities to survive. So what I want to say here is': Do not be ignored when you encounter some unusual because it can be a sign of breast cancer. Please take the test, diagnostic regular for your health, not just for breast cancer, but also for all other essential issues. "Prevention is better than cure" is an important key in maintaining and ensuring that we have a good health. Thank you all for listening. Justification:
Anyone can get breast cancer, and nobody knows exactly what causes of breast cancer. But based on what scientific research tells us that over time, we can say that the majority of breast cancer associated age, hereditary factors (Family history, inherited breast cancer genes...) Reproductive factors (age at menarche,