Essay about Health & Social Care

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BTEC NATIONAL Subsidiary Diploma Level 3 in Health and Social care


Exploring Personal and Professional Development in Health and Social Care.

Teacher Name: Ms C Jumpp-Graham

Guided Learning Hours: 60 hours Assessment Type: Internal

UNIT 48 ASSIGNMENT – Exploring Personal and Professional Development in Health and Social Care.

IntroductionThis assignment is made up of a number of tasks which, when successfully completed, are designed to give you sufficient evidence to meet the Pass (P), Merit (M) and Distinction (D) grading criteria for the unit.Learning OutcomesOn completion of this assignment, you should: 1. Understand the learning process 2. Be able to plan for and monitor own
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Learning Outcome 2Task 2 Be able to plan and monitor own development |
Your fact sheet must include the following: * You need to look at both formal and informal learning that you have received up till now and talk about them. * How do you plan to monitor your own development until you have reached your aspirational goal? * What skills do you need in order to be successful e.g., communication, working with others craft skills, It and personal and organizational. * Use information gained during your work experience to help you as well. |

P3– Produce an Action plan for self- development and achievement of own personal goals |
Carry on from p2 but in more detail. You need to create your own Action plan, you can use things learn or during your work placement to assist you.These are the basis you need to include in your plan. Your goals should be short term and long term, your goals must be measurable, actionable, relevant and timely. Skills, professionals, peers, personal life stories, home background and presentation skills. |

P4 Produce evidence of own progress against action plan over the duration of the programme. | * Produce a leaflet to show the progress you have made and then compare it with your Action Plan. These will be your short term goals as your long term goals will take up to ten months.Learning Outcome 3 Be able to Reflect on own development over time. * Areas covered p5, M2, M3, D2 |