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Section 1- Tobacco Use

Example from book – Marcus pulled out a box of bides. He asked Blanca if she wanted one and she said she didn’t know he smoked. Marcus only smokes ‘herbal cigarettes’. He said they aren’t as bad as regular cigarettes.

All Tobacco Products Are Dangerous
There are many types of tobacco products • Cigarettes • Chewing Tobacco • Snuff (dip) • Pipe Tobacco • Cigars • Herbal Cigarettes
ALL tobacco products have dangerous chemicals

Nicotine is the addictive drug that is found in all tobacco products.
At low doses it is a mild stimulant and muscle relaxant.
At higher doses it is a powerful nerve poison.
60 mg is enough to kill someone
One or two mg is inhaled when a single cigarette is smoked.

I. Cigarette Smoke Has Poisonous Chemicals
More than 4,000 chemicals in cigarette smoke.
At least 40 of them are Carcinogens.

• Carcinogens are chemical agents that cause cancer. • Tar is a sticky, black substance in tobacco smoke that coats the inside airways and contains many carcinogens including: • Cyanide- a poisonous gas used to develop photographs • Formaldehyde- a substance used to preserve lab animals and as embalming fluid • Lead- a dangerous metal • Vinyl Chloride- a flammable gas used to make plastic products

Includes Carbon monoxide and ammonia too.
Carbon monoxide is a gas that blocks oxygen from getting into the bloodstream.
Ammonia is found in bathroom cleaners.

II. Other Forms of Tobacco Have Poisonous Chemicals
Tobacco products that don’t produce smoke are harmful too.
Snuff contains 2 or 3 times more nicotine than cigarette smoke does.
Eight dips per day have the same amount of nicotine that about 30 cigarettes.
Smokeless forms contain different carcinogens • Arsenic • Nickel • Benzopyrene • Polonium – gives off radiation • Chewing tobacco and snuff cause mouth sores and lead to mouth cancer. • Oral cancer can be severely damaging when large amounts of tissue and