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Health Period 1
Amanda Pan Many People have a hard time making decisions. This illustrates that when one is making a decision, they will need to take personal responsibility for it. Both Articles show similarities and differences. However, they both convey the same theme. In the health article, it consistently states that being responsible to yourself and everyone else is important because, people need to realize that they need to take responsibility for their own actions and choices. If they don’t then it can affect other people. If one makes a bad decision, then later on it will be too late to change. Nonetheless, it really does depend on what type of situation it is in order to make the right decision. For instance; if one were to start doing drugs of any sort, the choices that they make are probably like the worst. The person would change because of the addiction they have for the drug. They would most likely to steal from other people and be a whole different person. That will then involve the people around that person. If they had chosen the right decision, then nothing will affect the people around them, and they, as a whole wouldn’t change either. With that being stated, they should take responsibility for themselves and everyone around them. Considering that, President Obama once stated “You have a responsibility to yourself”. He believes that if responsibility is put along with hard work then there will be a great future. What he is saying is that, if you quit on yourself then you are basically “quitting on your country.” Ergo, both articles demonstrate the same…