Long Term Care

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Long-term care is providing health care to those who need it for more than 90 days. This would include those who are elderly, those who are in rehabilitation, mental health facilities, etc. Long-term care is provided to all ages. Long term is also associated with chronic condition, which is an illness or injury that lasts for more than 90 days. An example of long-term would be an accident. In august, 2012, my brother got into a motorcycle accident. It was not his fault, but he was badly injured. Aside from fracturing both wrists, his calf bone had shattered. He was in the hospital for months and after five or six surgeries, he was able to come home. He had a hospital bed here at the house. A therapist would come over and help him walk, move. This lasted until he was able to semi-walk again. He now is able to walk with assistance from a cane. The long-term care that he was provided with helped with to walk again, in which we are all grateful for. Continuum of care is a system that would not only meet the physical needs to a person but administer help with the mental, financial and social aspects. This sort of system does not seem beneficial. If people need assistance with continuum of care, they may have to collaborate with as many as 80 different agencies. Have a health problem is already troubling enough, but having to deal with so many people would be unsettling, to say the least. Long-term care has several challenges today. One includes how many physicians/doctors we are lacking in the health care system. If we try to take care of all the elderly, the children are