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Beginning of the pre-credited sequence

• In this movie segment of lord of the ring it described early beginning of the ring story behind the ring mystery. The film begins with a flashback sequence where we discover how the character Gollum first came across the golden ring.
The beginning of the opening the rhythm in background was cheerful, music was slow motion and music progressively moved as two friends were shown trapping fish. The rhythm had beautiful synchrony with image background scenery were shown. Whilst fishing, deagol finds a ring in a river. The music moved with change of the picture motion from playful to friends fight for the ring. Without the music, the image would still have a rhythm, but it would be more tentative, perhaps a little eerie. When Sméagol murder his friend for the Ring the fear created by the music as suspense to capture audience attention and flees into a cave scary music was supported to describe the succumbing to the Ring's spell and becoming the creature Gollum.
The music had added an atmosphere that brought story of fiction brought to life.
When the music stops, to me the rhythm of that pulsing beat continues over the sequences with actors, and their movements seem choreographed.
The background tracking sound has been changed and sound track changed to sorrow to deception. The sound track was paused in between the actors where chasing each other for a ring, when deagol murder by the Sméagol the music was stopped and started with sadness scary fear music of cursed suspense music and with horror effect. After killing his cousin Sméagol escapes to the Misty Mountains and slowly mutates into the creature we know as Gollum. As this sequence ends, we see Frodo, Sam and Gollum approaching the mountains of Mordor, with Mount Doom's eruptions disturbingly close. All this rhymes modulation created to create fear in audience and horror of ring effect.

The rhythm modulation and change with danger shown to…