Health and social care UNIT 4 M1 Essay

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Stereotypes of life stages
Stereotyping is when a judgement is made on a group of people because of the actions of a few. Stereotyping happens because of misinformation and other people’s opinions.
There are many stereotypical perceptions of life stages and their possible effect on development. Each of the six life stages will be explained with the expected norms and how this affects the development.
Foetal development
There are many stereotypical views of foetal development. A pregnant woman is expected to have a healthy diet, exercise, take vitamin supplements, and have regular visits to the doctor to benefit herself and her baby. The NHS website also informs why mothers should eat healthily so this is a reason why mothers feel
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This happens because as they go through puberty they are very hormonal. Most mothers say that their teenage girls are harder to raise than their teenage boys. This may be because girls are more insecure than boys because they want to look attractive but at this age acne and spots start forming so this could lower their self-esteem. One in 20 mothers said their teenage child even missed their school prom because of skin issues.
Adolescents are going through the stage of life where they want to stay with their friends more than being with their family. Also, they may want to have relationships with the opposite sex as they feel attracted towards them. On the other hand, some teenagers will not go into these relationships because they have other things to worry about studying for their exams and doing work experience. These experiences they go through may affect their emotional development because they will be going through stress and hormonal problems.
Teenagers might start to become rebellious and disrespectful because they start to not always agree with whatever their parents say. This shows that they are maturing because their brains are developing and they have different ideas which makes them an individual. Media also views teenagers as lazy and rebellious so this can influence teens to be how they are, for example reality TV shows such as Super Nanny show adolescents in this manner.
This is also the age when they start to develop their