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Working relationships: these can be relationships with your work colleagues, including other healthcare workers, team leaders, manager, employer, outside agency and your service user.

Some of these relationships may result in friendship, if boundaries stray, but for most people the relationship we have within our working environment differs to that we have with our friends. For example, most work colleagues may not share personal information about each other although they may have close and regular day to day contact. Effective working relationships are extremely important, both to people and the organisation they work for. Establishing this requires good communication skills and recognition of the significance and value of work undertaken by others. A good working relationship contributes to overall job satisfaction for most people. A working relationship is different to a personal relationship because of:
Different working relationships
We have just been looking at the working relationship you have with your service users, however these are not the only working relationships you will experience and need to understand, you will also have relationships with colleagues inside and outside your own organisation who make up a multidisciplinary team consisting of a number of professionals. Multidisciplinary teams are groups of individuals from diverse disciplines who come together to provide comprehensive assessment and consultation in cases. While their primary purpose…