Healthcare Comparison of the Usa and Nigeria Essay

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Four Main Differences between the healthcare systems in Nigeria and the USA.
Paul Fortune
College of Nursing After living in my native country, Nigeria for nearly twenty years of my life, I had the opportunity to relocate to the United States of America to live with my Dad while pursuing a career in Nursing. On getting to the United States of America or the USA as it is commonly called, I discovered how lovely and different the country really is. The USA was a lot different from what I had heard from stories back home in Nigeria. The previous three years, since January 2009 to be precise, has provided me first-hand experience of some major differences between my country of origin and the United States of America. In comparison,
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Depending on the state ages range from beginning at five to eight and ending at age fourteen to eighteen. A parent that refuses or fails to enroll her child in school at the required age will have to face the consequences associated with the No child left behind act of 2001. Meanwhile, education in Nigeria is optional. A child’s education in Nigeria is mostly dependent on the financial stability of the parents of that child. Some parents especially farmers have a great need for manual laborers and cannot afford to hire laborers, thus they withdraw their children from school or do not send them to school in the first place. Funding is another difference between the school system in United States of America and Nigeria. In United States of America, education is mainly provided by the public sector and it is funded by federal, state or local government. The U.S constitution and department of education requires states to provide kindergarten through twelfth grade education for all citizens. The Federal government provides assistance to the state government and schools through the legislative process in an effort to supplement the states support (U.S department of education, 2007). Meanwhile in Nigeria education is mostly provided by the private sector and tuition is also paid privately by the parents. In United States of America free lunch and transportation is provided for students while in Nigeria the parents