Healthcare: Human Rights and Care Standards Act Essay

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Legislation Project

The Data Protection Act was brought out in 1998 and controls how personal data is used and stored. It ensures that data is:
Used fairly
Used accurately
Only kept for the length of time necessary
Kept safe
I adhere to this act in my job role as any personal information is kept in secure files inside lockable filing cabinets and I only look at the information that is required for my work. Also any personal information I gain from supporting with appointments such as doctors are recorded in secure files and only passed on to the people necessary such as the residents key worker.
The Human rights Act was brought out in 1998 and enforced in the UK in 2000, this is to protect the rights that everyone has and to ensure that no one has their rights abused or taken away. Some of the human rights are:
Freedom of expression
Right to life
Freedom of religion
Freedom of choice
The right to not be discriminated against
These rights are used in my work place as all residents have the freedom of expression, for example they can be supported to church or if they have a special diet because of their religion then they will be catered for. They also have the freedom of choice as they can choose what they do during the day and can go out if they want to, they get a choice of meals which change daily and can ask for an alternative if they don’t like any of the choices. They have independence as it is part of my job role to promote their independence, they are promoted to do things such as their laundry, shopping and cleaning as independently as possible to help them if they choose to move back into the community. Also none of the residents are discriminated against are they all treat equally and fairly.
The Care Standards Act is a set of rules which governs the regulations of all independent hospitals and all other facilities. The Care Standards Act was passed in the UK in 2000 and ensures that everyone gets the level of care that meets their needs. The residents at my work place all get the correct care as they all have a care plan which informs us of their needs and tells us how they can get met. Some residents need more care than others as some residents are able to do quite a lot on their own including self medicating where as other residents need one to one care as they need help with personal care as well as the care given to everyone.
The Health and Safety at Work Act was brought out in 1974 to ensure that employees and employers are safe whilst at work. Employers must comply with the Act. They must: provide and maintain safety equipment and safe systems of work ensure materials used are properly stored, handled, used and transported provide information, training, instruction and supervision - ensure staff are aware of instructions provided by manufacturers and suppliers of equipment provide a safe place of employment provide a safe working environment provide a written safety policy/risk assessment look after the health and safety of others, for example the public talk to safety representatives
Employees have specific responsibilities too - they must: take care of their own health and safety and that of other persons co-operate with their employers not interfere with anything provided in the interest of health and safety
The health and safety act is followed in my workplace, we have an appointed health and safety officer and all employers and employees are given health and safety training, there are also regular health and safety checks done around the house and any risks are assessed and then either fixed or