Essay about Healthcare: Management and Health Information

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Keeping medical records done in proper order is a vital part of an Administrators job and health information technicians. All forms and charts must be completed and up-to-date will the correct information, the medical records department is responsible for doing this. Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT), completes, accuracy of all data that is put into the system of records. There has to be a quality level of all records that's required in order to follow the guidelines of the facility. Analyzing patient's data through using applications of the computer will help patient's cost and care improve dramatically. Another way to improve procedures and diagnoses is how the Registered Information Technician (RHIT) is managed. When the coding of medical records are done for the purpose of research and reimbursements. A person who manage health information and medical records is called Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA). Collecting and analyzing patient's information through medical computer systems that clarifies in classification and medical terminology. Knowledge is a must in ethical, legal, administrative, requirements and medical standards that's part of the patient's privacy that should be protected. Each Registered Health Information Technician have to earn 20 CE hours within a two year period, 160 test questions and a Registered Health Information Administrator need to earn 30 CE hours within the same amount of time, 130 test questions and 20