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CHANGE AND INNOVATION 2 In today’s society everyone is experiencing the constant change of things in our culture. Advances made in technology is one of the biggest changes that everyone adapting to. Though, many people may be affected personally, companies are experiencing the biggest of change and innovations. Companies are finding it more demanding to make changes in certain departments that will help increase the company’s overall performances as well as possibly increasing the revenue. Companies are faced with questions as to how these changes can be implemented into their business. They may wonder how successful the change will be and how long will it take for it to become effective. In mostly every type of business many employers have to try to deal with what is known as “employees who fear change”. These particular employees are the ones who really make it hard for new procedures to be implemented. They tend to find fault or look for loopholes that may hinder the processes from being carried out. Managers as well as those in human resources have to find ways to implement these changes even some or all of the employees are resistant to change. Change is a part of growing and making progress in a company for many more successful years, or if not implemented and carried through properly can have just the alternate effect on the company. Therefore, managers, employees, and human resources need to work together in making these changes. Many employees may want to know why a certain change is taking place. There are many factors that could answer this question. Other business similar to that particular business may be experiencing a significant growth and this company feel the need to compete, Another factor could be trying to make the work load lighter for the employees therefore it may increase the level of morale. Lastly, a change is needed to be made to keep up with all the new innovations and technological advances.
In this scenario, those who are resistant to making changes may have fear because they feel this change will take their job in the future and some are just scared to try new things. In any case, the changes needed to be made in order for the company to grow and the demand for a higher turnaround needs to be made. I would encourage the managers to begin the process of initiating the change to start before it actually takes place. Preparation is the key. At least advise the employees that a change going to be implemented and give reasons as to why they should be. If managers allow the employees to be involved they will feel as though they took part in the decision without taking them into consideration. A team should be constructed that will aid in