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The supreme court of united states confirms that the obamacare is bringing certain restrictions to the needy people. The main piece of the reform is the obligation for american to hold a health insurance card that was approved . Giving victory to the democratic president almost four months before the election. The highest jurisdiction, of the united states, an organization of small business, four particular and the government, declared that the supreme court will take care of millions of americans without insurance. “The supreme court consideration was requested in five cases and the supreme court selected one case, brought by 26 states, for review”: said the digestive disease and sciences article ( edward ,2012). The republicans made promises to the nations for the obama care to be vote or millions of americans will live without health insurance. The united states does no really know about absolute freedom. Barack obama did the most, so this law can be vote and millions of needy americans can be insured. There are lot arguments and risks tried to situated the relation between rich and poor.“The 2-1-1 helpline could remind clients about the viability of covered preventive services and play the role in referring the many individuals who will remain uninsured under the affordable care act to community health centers”: published by netherlands elsevier science( oberlander,2012). The american administration is the most powerful system all over the world.Based On certain opinion most the law vote is inexact. .That is why this 2-1-1 system is one the best program to facilitate enrollment for switching insurance. After so many battles, it’s a big victory for obama against the validation of the presidential election of george bush in by the same supreme court. “The obamacare suppose to unify all the states to apply the federals criteria”.Although The affordable careact represents the successful culmination of a decades-long struggle touniversalize coverage on his article health reform( sage, 2012).The nation guarantee support especially to mothers and their kids, to elderly retired fox providing them medicaid or medicare. For example in europe most the health fees are really low, it should be the same here too for insured citizens.Again Americans are capable to know if they want to be insured or not, but it can be a big risk for their health. For uneducated americans, they may considerate as unnecessary. For the first time the uninsured will finally learn how to cost them a health insurance premium under the new regime. For weeks , barack obama is trying to mobilize americans affected by this innovation.The programming of these health exchanges is complex because the insurance applicants must provide information on their income and marital status , which must then be verified in federal databases that were not designed for this purpose. The united states , a country where national identity card does not exist, were not used to centralize as systematically in europe the information to their citizens.Artisans system particularly dreaded two dangers . The first is an automatic rejection of requests for state aid by insurance applicants from poorer backgrounds. The principle of law is certainly simple: the poorest have the right to grant or to pay their premiums , or to integrate the federal medicare and medicaid programs for the elderly and the poor , respectively . In reality , the rules are much more complex because eligibility for these public alternatives depends on specific rules for each state. The other big unknown : what will be the proportion of young healthy americans who decide to get insurance ? Without them, the economic balance of the insurance plan could not be guaranteed. Money bonuses youth must indeed supply